Instructions for Completing
CHA Show Entry Form
Thank you for your interest in joining us at the upcoming CHA show! We look forward to seeing you there.

It's really not difficult to enter a CHA show.  Once you see it in practice, you'll see how easy it really is.  We know it might appear daunting the first time, though, so we've tried to put together a very comprehensive description of the process.  If this description becomes too much for you, please contact us.  We're happy to help.  Tell us what you know about your animals, and we can suggest options.  Even if you're not sure, go ahead and try it.  There are no paperwork problems which can't be resolved at check-in on the day of the show.  You just need to ask the Show Secretary when you check in, and we can answer questions and confirm that things were done right.  (The address for the Show Secretary and the details for each show can be found on our calendar page.)

In order to avoid confusion during judging and to streamline the check in process at shows, we ask that everyone read the entry form directions carefully.  One line should be completed for each hamster entered. Please write clearly. If
you are not sure of something, please provide as much information as you are able and indicate with a question (?) mark anything you are not sure of.  The Show Secretary will have the judge check it the morning of the show to be sure it is in the appropriate class. Hamsters entered in the wrong class may or may not be judged.  If the proper class has already been judged, the class will not be re-opened although the judge may offer to score the hamster for the owner’s benefit.  If the proper class has not been judged, the judge may choose to have the Show Secretary move the hamster to the proper class.

For hamsters just being entered in the pet classes you will only need to complete the “species and gender,” “name or number,” and “pet class” columns and may leave the rest blank.

1) Species and Gender

Place the appropriate code in this box

Syrian Male – SM
Syrian Female – SF
Campbells Male – CM
Campbells Female – CF
Winter White Male – WM
Winter White Female – WF
Roborovski Male – RM
Roborovski Female – RF

2)  Hamster's Name or Number

Fill in your hamster's name or number here. Don’t forget to include the breeder's stud name if they have one. The breeder's stud name would be their hamstery prefix.  For example, if you purchased a hamster from XYZ Hamstery, you would include the prefix "XYZ" before any name you give the hamster.  Thus, if your hamster's name is Harry, the hamster entry would be "XYZ Harry."

3)  Color and Pattern

Indicate your hamster's color and pattern (if they are patterned). For a list of colors and patterns,
click here.

4)  Section

Agouti – Has ticking and markings
Self – Lacks ticking and markings
Patterned – Has a pattern of either white markings or Tortoiseshell patches

check here for the section each color belongs in.

5)  Coat

You may either write out the coat type or abbreviate

Short Hair – SH
Long Hair – LH
Short Hair Satin – SHS
Long Hair Satin – LHS
Short Hair Rex – SHR
Long Hair Rex – LHR
Long Hair Satin Rex – LHSR

Standard – STD
Satin – Sat

6)  Fun/Pet Class

If you want to enter the pet classes place a “P” in this box. The Fun/Pet Classes are block entry only meaning you pay one fee and are automatically entered into all Pet and Fun Classes offered at that show. If you do not want to enter this hamster in the fun classes write “NO” in this box. All Syrians five weeks and over and all Dwarves four weeks and over are eligible to be entered in the Fun Class.

7)  Standards Class

Place the appropriate code for your hamsters class in this box.

Standardized – S
Guide Standard – G
Unstandardized – U

Click here to see which colors/patterns are in each class.

8)  Pup Class

If your Syrian is between the age of five and eight weeks or your Dwarf is between the age of four and eight weeks and you wish it to take part in Standards judging, then it must be shown in the Pup Class. Write the word “PUP” in this box.

9)  Sales Animal

All sales of animals must follow CHA sales policy to include the entry and judging of the animal in the appropriate standards class at the show. If this hamster is to be offered for sale place an “X” in this box and be sure you fully understand the
sales policy listed here.

Exhibitor Information-

Please fill out the exhibitor information section clearly and fully including name/address/phone/email. Indicate if you are an adult or yough exhibitor and if you are a CHA member.

Entry fees vary depending on if you are a CHA member or not. You are welcome to join CHA the day of the show to receive the member discount. Indicate the number of entries and the total dollars for entries o the appropriate lines. Also indicate any show pen/ball rentals you will need the day of the show. Add up your total entry fee and enter on the line provided. Please make all checks payable to Linda Price.
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