CHA Non-standardized Classes
Classes for non-standardized varieties:

Animals exhibiting colors, coat types, or other features not recognized by the CHA will be shown in one of two classed offered for each species. These classes will be; 
Dwarf Unstandardized, Syrian Unstandardized, Dwarf Guide Standard, and Syrian Guide Standard. A single award will be given to the best hamster in each class, with any further awards within the class being at the discretion of the judge.

Unstandardized Class:
The unstandardized class is to include all hamsters exhibiting features not recognized by the CHA. Hamsters will be judged on basic type, fur, etc., with no points being given for their unrecognized feature. The winners of these classes will be awarded "Best Unstandardized Dwarf In Show" and "Best Unstandardized Syrian In Show." This class is offered to familiarize judges and exhibitors with new colors and features within the fancy and to allow exhibitors breeding new varieties the opportunity for feedback on their animals.

New varieties which have been exhibited to such an extent that the CHA standards committee feels they are deserving of a guide standard will be moved to the Guide Standard class. Exhibitors may submit suggested standards at any time their animals are shown in the Unstandardized class. Final decisions on provisional standards and acceptance into the Guide Standard class are at the full discretion of the CHA Standards Committee.

Guide Standard Class:
The Guide Standard class is to include all hamsters exhibiting features recognized by the CHA as having such merit as to be worthy of a guide standard. These animals will have been exhibited to such an extent in the Unstandardized class as to show the full range of their breeding potential and interest to the fancy. Hamsters will be judged based on the guide standard, and class winners will be awarded "Best Guide Standard Dwarf in Show" and "Best Guide Standard Syrian in Show."

The purpose of the Guide Stadard class is to allow previously unstandardized varieties the opportunity to become recognized by the CHA. Any new color/coat type/or other feature must have a minimum of 20 separate individual animals shown in the Guide Standard class over the course of no less than 3 shows, by a minimum of 2 different exhibitors, and must document at least 3 generations of breeding true (or documention on why it doesn't breed true) before it may be considered by the CHA Standards Committee for inclusion in the regular classes. A majority vote of the CHA Board of Directors is required for recognition of a new variety.

If you are interested in breeding and exhibiting your hamsters to work towards fully standardizing a color/coat type/ or other feature, please see the judge to get the paperwork necessary for this process.
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