Overview of Show Standards
Hamsters are judged on a number of characteristics.  This is a brief overview of the scoring system.  At CHA shows, we judge using the British Hamster Association (BHA) standards.  Details of each of these scoring categories as well as the standards for the different colors are found on the BHA site (link below).  We will also discuss them at the show.
Type:  25 points
Fur:  20 points
Size:  10 points
Condition:  10 points
Eyes and Ears:  5 points
Color and Markings:  30 points

Overall Type and Build:  30 points
Size:  10 points
Fur:  15 points
Condition:  10 points
Color:  25 points
Markings:  10 points
Click here to see the BHA show standards which we use
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