Sample Show Box and Bedding
Here is a picture of an approved show box with the approved bedding.  The show boxes are available at most pet stores, including the Petco where we usually hold our shows.  Rental show boxes are also available in limited quantities from the club for $1 per show box per show.  Please note any rental needs when submitting your entries to ensure we have enough.

The bedding which we use is Alpha-dri.  We have found it to be the best overall bedding for all of the species and coat types shown at CHA shows.  Since the Alpha-dri is difficult to find, we will have it available at shows.  You may purchase medium bags or small bags of the bedding on the day of the show.  You can also purchase very large bags of this bedding at shows (20 pounds for $28) if pre-arranged and available.  Please e-mail us with as much advance notice to ensure availability of the 20 pound bags (
CHA Approved Show Box and Bedding