New Genes for CHA Members:
Recessive Dappled and Extreme Dilute
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Most likely you don't.  Both represent new syrian genes which have recently been documented by The River Road Hamstery.  The hamster on the left is a Recessive Dappled while the hamster on the right is an Extreme Dilute.

These animals are now in California, and we'd like to get CHA members involved with these genes.  Obviously both are unstandardized for the foreseeable future, so they would be shown in the Unstandardized class.  We have satin and non-satin in both genes.  We only have long-haireds in the Recessive Dappleds but have long- and short-haireds in the Extreme Dilutes.  We'd like to do more work with these genes to help establish them more fully, and we'd like to include CHA members in this process.

If you would be interested, review the following pages (including those on The River Road Hamstery site) and then let us know at  There are special issues with each such as the desire to avoid breeding the Recessive Dappleds to other pattern genes and the desire to avoid breeding the Extreme Dilutes to the Gray genes.  We will also want to concentrate on increasing size and improving type in these animals.
Do you know what color and/or pattern these hamsters are?
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Extreme Dilute Syrian
Recessive Dappled Syrian