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Syrian vs. Dwarf

By Jane Landis
Hi all...I currently have a herd of Campbells, but I'm thinking of adding a Syrian or two. They like to be solitary, correct?  What would you say are the main differences between the Syrians and the Campbells?

I was in the same position lately -- a Campbells lover taking on my first (seven!) Syrians. They're wonderful!

My Campbells are little cuddle-bugs, but soon wander off, content to play on their own and let me watch. They're easy to understand because they're so expressive, making their wants very clear. They're like toddlers and teens -- focused on the moment, stubborn, bright and persistent, moody, intense, happy with attention and plenty busy without it.

My Syrians are like infants -- eager, given to bursts of sheer play, cuddly and sweet, silly and innocently charming. They seem less self-aware somehow, and are given to the ridiculous.

These Syrians are cleaner, more demanding of attention and less content to stay in their homes once they've decided it's playtime. They don't eat or drink much more, but they poop a lot bigger! They seem to have better bowel and bladder control, but both use their potties very well. They're less boisterous but much noisier. They're stronger, slower, and seem to rely more on toys and other outside stimulation. They chew more, have a greater affinity for wire cages to climb and chew on, startle more easily but calm down quicker. They're a little more patient and methodical.

That's just my handful, though. I love 'em all, and would really have missed out to have only one or the other.

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