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Do Two Black Parents Always Give Black Babies?

By Jan at The River Road Hamstery
I have read that breeding two Black syrians don't result in all Black babies.  What happens if two Flesh-eared Whites (FEWs)  mate?  Do the Cinnamon and Dark-eared White (DEW) genes come out?

Generally, the mating of 2 Blacks will give an all Black litter but there are a few exceptions. If both parents carry DEW, then 1/4 could be DEW. The same with Black Eyed Cream since this gene (when doubled) prevents black pigment production. If both carry Cinnamon then 1/4 might turn out Dove. In fact, any recessive color gene (if carried by both parents) could be expressed alone or in combination in the litter.

If two FEWs mate the litter will be entirely FEW, no exceptions. There cannot be separation into DEW and/or Cinnamon since neither of the parents have the dominant alleles to pass on. For example, to be Cinnamon a hamster must have at least one dominant gene on the Color (C) locus. Its genotype would either be CCpp or Cc(d)pp. Since neither parent would have a "C" to give, this can't happen.


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