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My hamster nibbles/bites!

By Linda Price
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Question: The reason I'm writing is for advice: biting. Buster has always had a problem with this off and on...not usually an aggression thing, just gets in bite mode and my hand gets in the way. Minute has started nibbling a bit more intently recently--cuter than heck compared to Buster's vampire routine, but she doesn't seem to know to let go when I exclaim and shake my hand. Any good methods for discouraging this behavior?

Anwer: You need to try to stop this now if possible while she is still a baby. The least invasive way I know to attack this is by lightly blowing on them. Hamsters don't like to be blown on. It startles them, and they stop whatever they are doing. So everytime she does it, blow lightly on her face. Many get the idea.

Alternatively, they don't like to have anything hanging over their head. It's threatening to them -- feels like a bird searching for hamster prey. So I have sometimes put a hand over their head (a couple of inches above it), and said a firm but soft "no!" That works for some too.

I would rather not touch them if I can change the behavior otherwise. So try these two techniques first.

Question: Any suggestions to get them to detach when they do bite?

Answer: I haven't found an answer to this one. Luckily it has been a few years since I have had such a biter. I have had this experience more than once, though, and can sympathize with the problem..
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