Purchasing or Selling Hamsters
at CHA Shows
We allow CHA paid members to sell their animals at CHA shows.  At some shows, we have a lot of hamsters for sale.  At others, we have very few.  In the last year, there have been more Dwarves for sale than Syrians.  Some shows have had no Syrians for sale.

In keeping with the feedback weíve received, a CHA judge will give a brief evaluation of each animal for sale.  Those under 8 weeks of age will be entered in the pup class for evaluation.  Those over 8 weeks of age will be entered in the regular classes.

The hamsters for sale at shows range from pet quality animals to show animals.  On occasion, someone will also bring rescues for adoption.  Although we will give an indication of each sale hamsterís quality at the show, please also coordinate with the breeder if you are hoping to purchase a show quality or breeding quality hamster.  Always inquire about the parents, the health history, the lines, the genetics, and the show history of the parents, grandparents, etc.  This will give you a much fuller picture of your new hamster.  For those looking for pet quality or rescue hamsters, again coordinate with the breeder or seller to learn about the temperament and health of the line and/or the known history of any rescue.

The CHA does NOT guarantee the health of any animals sold by any breeder/seller nor do they guarantee any claims made by the breeder/seller.  Please work directly with them if you are looking for anything in particular, and please follow up with them on any care, genetics, breeding, or other support issues.  They are the expert on anything they sell.

All hamsters at CHA shows will be sold with a starter kit.  The starter kit comes with

1. A gallon bag (about 12 cups) of a lab-quality lab block
2. A package of shredded aspen
3. A package of hamster grain mix for treats
4. A packet of care information flyers

The starter kit costs $12 and will be combined with the sellerís price for their animal at the time of purchase.  This food typically lasts a Syrian or a pair of Dwarves about four months while the aspen lasts 1-3 cage cleanings depending on the size of your cage and the depth of bedding you use.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling hamsters at CHA shows, please review our
sales page.
Sample Starter Kit
Example Starter Kit
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