CHA Fun Classes
The fun classes will be judged at the judge’s discretion and are generally subjective categories.  Here are some possible interpretations for the classes.  Remember that an individual judge might use different criteria.

1. Biggest
This will usually go to a hamster who is fit and large.  The hamster will generally be both long and stocky although different judges will weight length and breadth differently.

2. Cutest
This is entirely subjective and depends on the tastes of the judge that day.

3. Best Eyes and Ears
The winner in this category will generally have clear and bold eyes and ears which stand out when the hamster is looked at in its entirety.  Biggest is not necessarily best particularly if the eyes are bulging or the ears are too large in proportion to the body.

4. Fastest in the Ball
This is the most objective class.  The winner will be the hamster who crosses the finish line first.

5.  Longest Fur (syrians only)
This class is only for syrians and will generally go to the male syrian who has the longest coat.  The judge can decide how he/she measures it including whether or not he/she wants to judge the longest tuft or prefers the average length of the entire coat.

6.  Mellowest
This hamster will generally be the most easy going and handleable hamster.

7. Best Personality
This is a subjective class based on what characteristics the judge deems desirable in a hamster.  These could include things such as curiosity, handleability, gentleness, etc.

8.  Best Matched Pair
This award will go to the two hamsters who, in the judge’s opinion, look most alike in color, size, pattern, etc.

9. Best Stripe (dwarves only)
This class is for dwarves only and will go to the dwarf hamster who has the best stripe.  Criteria which the judge may analyze include the completeness of the stripe and the straightness of the stripe.

10. Most Unusual Color and/or Markings
This award will go the hamster who, in the judge’s opinion, has the most unusual color and/or markings.

We welcome ideas that you have for additional Fun Classes.  We will analyze them and see if they meet the characteristics of the animals shown at CHA shows.

Note:  Remember that not all Fun Classes are available at all shows.  Please see our
Event Calendar to see which Fun Classes are offered at a particular show.
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