Feature Hamsters:
Kalel and Gus
by Karen
Photos coming soon
Kalel and Asparagus (Gus) were supposedly found in a garbage can (with 10 other Syrians), then turned into the Long Beach shelter. A shelter worker saved them from death at the shelter, and then another kind lady took them in until homes could be found for each of them. After recently losing my Syrian, Ryley,  I wasn’t sure I was ready for another, but I’d found out about these hammies even before losing Ryley, and they’d been on my mind ever since! So I contacted Kathy about adopting a male, and she told me about “Daddy”, who was about 4 months old. He sounded perfect for me, so I arranged to adopt him. When I got there “Daddy” (now Kalel) was every bit as sweet as Kathy said, and I fell in love with him immediately. But Asparagus, the younger male also available, was sooooo cute… And when my Mom fell in love with him we decided to bring both home!

  Kalel and Gus had been moved 4 times in their short lives, and yet they are the sweetest, mellowest hamsters I’ve ever had. They love to be held and played with, and I fall in love with them all over again every time I look at those little faces! Asparagus, in case you’re wondering, was named for his green head when we got him. He’d apparently laid against a hay cube, so he had a green little mohawk, as well as some green on his back! There is a mother and 8 babies (4 males, 4 females) that will be ready for adoption the first week of December 2003, all cream and whites, that appear to be Kalel and Gus’ relatives. They are all just as sweet and mellow, and they need good homes! Please contact Kathryn@imageworks.com if you’d like to adopt one of these wonderful hamsters!
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