Feature Hamsters:
Frick and Frack
by Robin Sampson
Frick and Frack
Frick and Frack:  Winter White Dwarf Hamsters
One difference between Syrians and Dwarf hamsters is that you can  happily keep dwarfs in pairs. These two are Winter White dwarf brothers named Frick and Frack. I don't know which is which, but they're fun to watch play together, sleep together, eat together . . . everything together! They even try to wheel together, sometimes - believe it or not - with success!

They love their coconut shell. Nothing fancy, just buy a fresh coconut at the store, crack it in halfs, remove the coconut meat and juice, use a plier to break a little of the shell on each half for the door, put it right in the cage on the usual bedding, and voila! A favorite home! I put this half of the coconut on a grass-like hut I bought at the pet store. The added benefits of the coconut shell are: 1) it lasts forever without a bottom to get soiled, 2) the rough shell can help keep their toenails short, 3) it's fun to see the nests they build in and around it.
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