CHA Standards
                                           Opal Standard


Top Coat:  Soft smokey grey with a blue tinge carried 1/3 down
Undercoat:  Soft dark grey
Belly Fur:  Off-White
Feet:  Off-White
Eyes:  Black
Ears:  Dark gray, paler at rims

There are three prominently marked arches between the belly and top colour.
Between the soft smokey grey and off-white there is a line of light ochre/orange.

Dorsal Stripe
Even, soft dark grey stripe from between the eyes, down the back to the tail.
Although the CHA is committed to using the BHA standards, there are certain genes like the Opal gene which are just not available there.  The gene is very common here and has been bred for years.

Thus, we have decided to standardize Opal (dd) and have followed the format of the BHA.  The standard has also been submitted to the BHA for approval.  The CHA will start using the Opal standard at the March 2001 show.
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