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Show Policies

For our shows, we can only sell animals (and this includes rescues) to those who have pre-ordered them.  If you wish to buy hamsters at this show, let us know at calhamassoc@hotmail so that we can put you on our list as potential buyers.  Being on the list will not obligate you to buy.

Additionally, we can only bring those hamsters who are either entered in the show or will be put on the sales table (and remember that you must be a member current in your dues to sell).  All dwarf hamsters must be at least 4 weeks of age to enter, and all syrian hamsters must be at least 5 weeks of age to be entered or even brought to the show.  If you need to bring any other hamsters for an evaluation or another reason, you need to request permission at least one week in advance from

Please plan to arrive on time.  If you have a large cage, please do not bring it to the show.  There will not be enough room. We do have approved show boxes. 
Click here for a picture. We recommend the small size Kritter Keeper for the dwarf hamsters (or the medium size if you have two dwarf hamsters who normally live together) and the medium or large size for the syrians.  Place a little bit of food and a chunk of fruit (like apple) in the show box for the hamster.  Syrians must be brought individually in their own carriers (and should absolutely always be living alone at your house).  We will have a limited number of show boxes available for rent at the show for $1 per show box.

We expect a lot of entries for this show.  Please pre-enter.  We will allow day-of-the-show entries for the applicable late fee for those attending this show as their first CHA show.  Remember the $1 per animal per entry late fee will apply if the Show Secretary does not
receive your entry by the Wednesday before the show.  This rule will be strictly enforced.  You may also join the club on the day of the show and still receive the member discount.

Approximate Timeline of Events
9:00 - 9:30      Check-in
9:30 - 10:00    Health Checks (mandatory for all hamsters)
10:00 - 12:00  Pet and Fun Class judging for Dwarves and Syrians
11:00 - 12:00  Dwarf Standards Class judging
1:00 - 3:00     Syrian Standards Class judging

There will be the Standards Classes as well as a few pet/fun classes.  We will include:
1.  Best Pet
2.  Most Unusual Color and Pattern
3.  Mellowest
4.  Fastest Hamster in the Ball Race

Entries are due to
arrive at our Show Secretary's by 6 pm on the Wednesday before the show.  Late entries will be $1 more per hamster per entry.

CHA Show Seceratary
41257 N. 50th St. W.
Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Phone calls are discouraged, and there is no guarantee that they will be answered.  Nevertheless, you may call if necessary at (661) 722-2482 and leave a message.  E-mail questions are preferred and will be answered more quickly than phone messages.

Also, if you have not entered animals but plan to attend and want to ensure you receive an e-mail if the show is cancelled for weather or other reasons, please e-mail our show secretary (tarotrats@juno) to let her know you plan to attend.

For those wishing to sell animals at this show, please see our
sales policy for further details.

Note: Remember that all hamsters who come to the show for any reason must meet minimum health and age requirements.  Each animal will be health checked, and all Dwarves must be at least 4 weeks of age while all Syrians must be at least 5 weeks of age.  Exception must be requested at least a week before the show.   Also, any hamster you bring which has been acquired from a different source must have been quarantined for at least two weeks.  Do not bring hamsters which you have acquired within the last two weeks or any which have been exposed to hamsters acquired in the last two weeks..

Do not bring frail, elderly, easily stressed, or injured hamsters.  Avoid bringing any who are pregnant (or may be pregnant) or are nursing.  Those animals should be left at home.

CHA Photo Policy for Shows: Pictures are usually taken at CHA shows for use on our CHA website.  These include group photos of people as well as pictures of winning or participating hamsters.  On occasion or upon request, pictures of individuals are taken with their hamsters for use in the show results section.  Participation in our shows grants permission for photo use on our CHA website.  If members choose to take their own photos, those photos may be used for personal photo albums.  Pictures taken at CHA shows, though, may not be used on public or personal web sites The only exception to this rule is for pictures taken of the member's own animals or of themselves.

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